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Research Express 2
.. for microbiology readers
Bioscreen C and Bioscreen C MBR
We speak your language Software Research Express 2
Research Express 2
  .. controls a microbiology reader Bioscreen C, collects turbidity- and OD values of 200 sample wells kinetically, analyzes data, displays growth curves and exports graphical and calculated results to MS Excel. Read more...  
Microbiological Calculations
  .. are done automatically during a Bioscreen C run. The results are exported to multiple MS Excel worksheets.  
Computer Requirements
  Almost any MS Windows computer is accepted. Read more...  
Growth Curves
  Microbiological samples and liquid growth medium are pipetted into two disposable honeycomb plates (a' 100 wells). Incubation temperature can be set to any value between 1.0 °C and 60.0 °C. Turbidity and OD values are measured kinetically by vertical photometry. Several shaking modes are available. Experiment length is from 1 hour to one year (experiment length for enterobacteria e.g. is usually between 6-24 hours). Bioscreen C produces growth curves and microbiological calculations of 200 cultures simultaneously.  
  Bioscreen C is an open system for almost any microbiological sample and liquid growth medium. Its main application is to monitor kinetically a turbidity (growth) of 200 samples simultaneously. Content of the 200 sample wells is up to a researcher/operator. Microorganism growth causes turbidity increase in liquid growth medium. This includes bacteria, yeast, fungi, cells, protozoa etc. During a phage growth study a turbidity decrease is monitored. Research and routine work of several life science areas can be done. Both aerobic and anaerobic studies can be done. Anaerobic studies are done by placing a whole Bioscreen C reader into anaerobic chamber.  
Microbiology Reader Bioscreen C
  Bioscreen C is a shaking and incubating multiwell plate reader designed specially for a microbiology work. It is manufactured and sold by a company Ab Growth Curves Oy.  
Bioscreen C Labs Worldwide
  Hundreds of leading microbiology labs, universities and companies all over the world are running a microbiology reader Bioscreen C together with a Transgalactic Ltd's software.  
Microbiology Reader Bioscreen C in operation.Bioscreen C

Scientific Publications - Work Done by Microbiology Reader Bioscreen C

Agricultural Microbiology
Anaerobic Microbiology
Antimicrobial Susceptibility
Artificial Atmosphere
Bioassay of Antibiotics
Biofilm Microbiology
Bioreactor Technology
Cell Biology
Clinical Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology
Experiments with Yeast
Food Microbiology
Functional Genomics
Gene Technology
Growth Media Development
Growth Rate and Lag Time
Industrial Microbiology
Medical/Pharmaceutical Field
Microbiological Assay
Microbiological Research

Microbiology of Cosmetics
Molecular Microbiology
Mutagenicity and Genotoxicity
Oral Microbiology
Postantibiotic Studies
Soil Microbiology
Spore Microbiology
Veterinary Microbiology
Waste/Wastewater Treatment
Water Microbiology
Wine Microbiology