Microbiology Reader <nobr>Bioscreen C</nobr> in operation.Microbiology reader Bioscreen C



Research Express XL


Research Express XL is a computer software for microbiology readers Bioscreen C and Bioscreen C MBR*.

Research Express XL controls a Bioscreen C, generates microbiological growth curves (turbidity versus time graph), and performs microbiological calculations.

Data input and -output take place in MS Excel workbook format. During a Bioscreen C run a MS Excel workbook is filled automatically with OD values and with other experiment related data (time stamps, temperature values, shaking regime etc). Microbiological calculations and growth curves are done automatically during and/or after a run. Calculated data and growth curves are displayed in same MS Excel workbook that was created during start of Bioscreen C experiment.

Several microbiological calculations are done automatically e.g. 'area under growth curve', 'slope', 'specific rate of growth', 'generation time' and others. As a data output is a standard MS Excel file, a user can perform with MS Excel (and with other scientific software) huge amount of additional calculations and chart generations.

Demo mode and full mode
Software Research Express XL works in demo mode until a hardware key (a mini dongle) is purchased and connected to a computer.

Experiment workbook
Experiment workbook (MS Excel workbook) contains measurement parameters, sample names, collected OD values, growth curve charts, calculated results and other experiment related data.


* Bioscreen C and Bioscreen C MBR readers are almost identical devices. Starting from year 2002 a brand name Bioscreen C MBR was introduced. On current site when talking about Bioscreen C we mean both Bioscreen C and Bioscreen C MBR.